The Fallen Kingdom ~ A Dante X Reader (Book 1) ~unedited~

The Fallen Kingdom ~ A Dante X Reader (Book 1) ~unedited~

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Annabeth M Ro'Meave By anabeth_percyjackson Completed

You are y/n and you have had a great life with your brother Garroth until one day your other brother Zane comes and try's to take you to become queen of O'kasis. You will come across new and old friends along your way. You encounter new adventures and problems. You are Y/n Ro'Meave and this is your story.

~note: this book one of my Dante x reader series! Check my page to see when other books come out!~

⚠️Warning ⚠️
This book has sexual content and mature language! Please read at your own risk!

Started: August 8, 2016
Ended: September 2, 2017

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GalaxyStsrLight8901 GalaxyStsrLight8901 Jun 22, 2017
                              Light blue
                              St.Mary'sAcademyOfCaloocanCity or called as SMACC
catog67 catog67 Nov 14, 2016
Uncle Fil (i'm kidding)
                              YELLLOOW ALLL THE WAAAYY
                              The something something something school
JeffMeyer JeffMeyer Dec 21, 2016
Have you considered adapting this to script/teleplay form?  It seems to want to read like a TV show or movie.   Just a thought,  my friend.
_Slim_Shorty_ _Slim_Shorty_ Aug 19, 2016
Laurence I was going through my locker to get supplies!!!!!!!
Chedlund Chedlund Nov 18, 2016
Oh my gawd!!! ... WWOOOOOOOWWW. This is not as innocent as i thought!