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Sydnie Rhianna Beaupré By sydenay Updated Jul 03, 2011

I was born in the year 2055 before the Supernatural Act of 2060, so for a while we were allowed to live our lives however we pleased. Just like everybody else. But the day I turned five was the day everything changed for me...

The Supernatural Act of 2060 was made to keep the world safe and pure. No more psychics, no more witches, no more were's. Anybody with 'impure' or 'diluted' blood was sent to a mental institution. They were declared insane by the government and locked away. Houses were burned down, people were killed. It was terrible...

Allyson Greywood is just trying to seem normal in a world where she is anything but. At a prestegious boarding school, she is laying low, hiding from the government as best as she can. 
Chris Amherst is running from the government, he was put away once, and doesn't plan on being put away again. 
The two share an unexplicable connection, and end up meeting purely by chance. At first, they don't trust eachother, but when circumstances put them in a serious situation, they're forced to put their trust issues asside and work together. (Sorry, this sounds horrible :s)

coleybear88 coleybear88 Jun 07, 2015
Please write more than eight pages!!! It would be a crime not to continue this story!
Screan Screan Mar 29, 2013
Where's you get the picture? Is it from... I forget what the site was called
Tophtheearthbender Tophtheearthbender Apr 06, 2012
I just started reading this today, and it is amazing. I don't think I can stop reading it today... or any day that is
MrsReadalot MrsReadalot Nov 30, 2011
I enjoyed this as a prologue, it was sad and to a degree, touching. In all honesty I think you've got the makings of a great story here and I'm interested to see how you go about developing the story :D
                              Keep up the good work! :D
fafa1122 fafa1122 Dec 21, 2010
Hey, personally I really love this one. i really enjoy books with good flash backs. i really like th way you write. your really good at it.
                              p.s thanks for commenting on my story (th pointers really helped) 
KAFrak KAFrak Nov 26, 2010
Cooool...and I like how you do the flash don't type the words FLASHBACK!
                              Good start far and interesting plot