Yaoi One-Shots

Yaoi One-Shots

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tessyoc By tessyoc Updated Jul 12, 2016

This was once a mikayuu only one-shot story and I haven't updated in so long. I've always wanted to make a BL one-shot book, so instead I'm turning this into a general BL one-shot stories of various ships. 

NO SMUT!!!!! 

I'm calling it now, I want to create a fluff filled book, there's plenty BL with smut, this will just be about cute boys doing cute things.

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ilikeweirdfanfics ilikeweirdfanfics Aug 22, 2017
Yuu-Chan is like what the f*ck is happening and Mika just wants to get in his pants or am I reading this wrong
Argentum_Lingua Argentum_Lingua Mar 19, 2017
I read it as "If it's long and delicious,I'll like it,and knowing you Mika,It will be."Hahahahaha
ilikeweirdfanfics ilikeweirdfanfics Aug 22, 2017
Then Yuu-Chan gets a Foodgasm as he eats the food.Oh wait wrong anime
Cutiedere Cutiedere Nov 09, 2016
Meanwhile my friend will invite me over and I'll show up on my bike and her parents be like, "Where did you come from?"
Cutiedere Cutiedere Nov 09, 2016
And I'm was in my room at 12 o'clock dancing to Hips Don't Lie 😂
Cutiedere Cutiedere Nov 09, 2016
Why can't you just put thr glass down on the floor, you don't gotta drop it. It did nothing to you. And you made a mess. Get out!