A Second Chance || A Naruto Fanfiction

A Second Chance || A Naruto Fanfiction

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Darkenmyra By Lillesque Updated Dec 27, 2018

Life hasn't changed for very many people. The rich are still rich. The poor are still poor. And the shadows will always stay shadows. One of the changes about life are the additions to security, like the drones. Top of the line, state of the art technology designed to keep what you want protected, well, protected. The only problem, the drones don't always see past the shadows.

Tsume Nanami has been a shadow most of her life. She learned the weak points of the robots and has started destroying them to get to her targets. Until she was the one caught. And her luck might just run out with this one.

Life decided to give her a second chance, to live a life where robots didn't exist. She could use her knowledge and skills to survive there, a lot better than where she survived in her home world. Where is this world, you ask?

Well, it's the Naruto World.
This is my first fan fiction, or book, ever on here. I want to stick with it, so help me out on the way, enjoy the read, and lets get started!!

Also, all characters belong to the creator of Naruto, except for any made in Tsume's world and Tsume herself. Any that you probably haven't heard of belong to me.

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