(Khr Fanfic) Cosplay Cafe (Vongola's Style)

(Khr Fanfic) Cosplay Cafe (Vongola's Style)

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minhtrang1789 By minhtrang1789 Updated Feb 19, 2017

What if in the school festival, Tsuna's class- Class 2A is open a cafe. More over a cosplay cafe. And what if our beloved Tsuna has to cosplay ..... A NEKO LOLITA??!!!! 
What will happen?
How would everyone react?

This is MY PLOT, MY STORY so please DO NOT COPY!!! I only post this on WATTPAD, and ONLY HERE!

Disclaim: I own nothing except the plot and the OCs. Akira Amano-sensei own KHR and the characters in it. Pictures are not mine either. They belong to their creators. I found it on Google so if any of you it their rightful owners please give me the permission to use it. (If you guys want me to remove it, I'll do it and sorry for posting without your permission fist).

Warning: terrible grammar, OOC(ness), OC(s),innocent-Tsuna, protective guardians, adult! Parental Arcobaleno, colorful words might appear,....etc

Pairings: All x Tsuna! All except Ryohei is with Hana to the EXTREME, Ryohei is like brother to Tsuna. Tsuna like a brother to Kyoko and Haru. And a fatherly Reborn.