Bipolar? Maybe ^W^ {Karma x reader x Gakushu} ON HIATUS

Bipolar? Maybe ^W^ {Karma x reader x Gakushu} ON HIATUS

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Kira Akuma By Kira_Akuma Updated Sep 21

(name) (last) is a clumsy and forgetful person but for some odd reason she ended up in class A. Where her childhood friend Asano Gakushu is. They have been friends ever since but they were just in different classes. The school doesn't seem to notice because she was too short for a highschool student, not to mention a 3rd year.

When she was in elementary and middle school, she was in different schools as Asano but they still kept in touch. (name) was bullied for being an airhead and so someone secretly protected her from the bullies. (name) soon found out who was protecting her but eventually forgot about that protector.


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- - Jun 28
Anyone notice that in the book cover, That's Mitsuba Sangū from OwariNoSeraph
LMFAO, my friend just told  me this after I abducted her from Math class.
SENPAI LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY SEBBY!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Frizzazzle Frizzazzle Sep 21
What why am I short in this I'm 5'9 irl so how can I be so short
Cvhztree Cvhztree Jun 27
Guess what this is me in my life its perfect, except the height.