A Blood Red Top Hat

A Blood Red Top Hat

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Phantoms Edge By PhantomsEdge Updated 6 days ago

What if Animal Jam is not a game when you trade and talk to other Jammer?
What if the world is not so'pure' ?
What if every famous Jammer is a threat?
What if 'they'  are going after you...
For a blood Genocide.

A girl been pulled from her life, into a burning hell that never gives and mostly takes.

With a new name; Spirit, she wanders through the land like Alice within the wonderland, yet darker.

The people you trust, maybe filled with treachery, waiting for the perfect moment, to release it.

So are you ready for a wild ride that doesn't seems to have an end yet another void of questions.

Find out more in the one book made by @Phantoms Edge

It's very nice, but there are some grammar and spelling errors. Keep up the great work!