Team 7 The Jinchurikis

Team 7 The Jinchurikis

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In this fanfict there is a twist.
On the kyuubi attack, nibi and gobi was controlled too, making 
Naruto the kyuubi jinchuriki
Sasuke the gobi jinchuriki
Sakura the nibi jinchuriki
The Haruno, Uchiha, and Uzumaki was massacred after the bijuu sealing.

Oh yeah, naruto, sasuke and sakura are OP (OverPowered. Like. Seriously) in here.

Ok, i can only spoiler it until here,
You can read it now.

The story is already finished, but i'm editing out the typos and things. Continue if wanted)

Toboewolfy Toboewolfy Aug 02
A person with a brain, a person with good grammar, and a person with common sense.
KevNoVa KevNoVa Jul 11
Rin Okumura, Natsu Dragneel, and Light I right.
Aisylin Aisylin Mar 11
They're most likely the three old teme's talking about Itachi, Kakashi, and Yugaō. And saying to spare Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto~
The ones assigned to kill are Itachi, Kakashi, Yuugao and the three speaking are the 3 old little %&@6-%)$%' koharu, danzo, and homura
Rfburt2002 Rfburt2002 Jan 24
I'm assuming it's Danzo (if anyone even remotely likes him kill them) and two other people
SokoNara SokoNara Aug 21, 2016
Denzo (I think that's how you spell it) the Mizukage that killed Haku's clan, and last one idk. It might be konoha's ninja Council too