We meet again... (Karma x Nagisa)

We meet again... (Karma x Nagisa)

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Aki Shion By SaphireGreen8 Updated Jun 10

Fanfic of Assassination Classroom

Brief -
Karma is now an adult, and Nagisa had disappeared after successfully assassinating Koro-sensei. No clues or traces of Nagisa's whereabouts are known. Until one day...

This is shounen-ai/yaoi, or boyxboy. I don't know if some well, 'scenes' will appear. I just go with the flow. hope you enjoy! Don't like boyxboy, then, DON'T READ! And this will be from Karma's perspective.

I will write each chapter everyday, so please wait. And if there is something wrong, mistakes or something you think will make this fanfic more interesting, please comment. I hope you enjoy!

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