Behind Locked Doors  ~ GakuKaru (Yandere!Boy x Boy)

Behind Locked Doors ~ GakuKaru (Yandere!Boy x Boy)

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Bbeebo Mmeebo By GrimoireOfPotato Updated Oct 12, 2016

*Credit to the one that wrote the oneshot that inspired this (tagging you in the book)! You can find it on their book Assassination Classroom Yandere One-shots!*

Asano Gakushuu's been obsessed with the notorious Akabane Karma ever since the third year of Junior High, when Class-E was at its best with the arrival of a certain artificial being. And since then, he's been willing to do just about anything to obtain him. Even if it means hurting anyone around them or even Karma himself.

"'ll be MINE, even if you don't want to be."

WARNING: Contains very heavy smut and some triggering themes. Please read with caution!

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imfackenreddie imfackenreddie Jan 26, 2017
hina1233 hina1233 Dec 06, 2016
Wait are they doing this outside where someone could be walking by
Headphonemaiden Headphonemaiden May 24, 2016
omg how do you write this Without blusing so hard you looking like a potato oh I mean or tomato
cheshirenek0 cheshirenek0 Jun 23, 2016
i am so happy for know english rihgt now, i love how you write you are my new idol
_-LizzieMidford-_ _-LizzieMidford-_ May 24, 2016
I really appreciate you making a story based off my one-shot, and it's turning out really good!
hina1233 hina1233 Dec 06, 2016
But i guess it would make more sense for him to die since he was close to karma