Presenting, the Fandoms

Presenting, the Fandoms

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TUC trash By FandomsAmazing Updated Nov 26

What if the fandoms could talk? What if they worked together?

This'll probably be the only fanfiction you'll ever read that's like this.


Credit to @Jessamine1031 for inspiring this story by writing Antisocial Media (which you should read if you like this). LOTS OF CREDIT TO YOU JESS. LOTS OKAY?

Author's Note: I don't like author's notes (how ironic), so go to my latest randomness book if you want updates. Bonus addition: FANDOMS.

                                   TAKE THIS ADVICE AND RUN WITH IT. (Just not off the top of a hospital)
Gonff1570 Gonff1570 Mar 26
I thought Gravity Fall's best friend would be Rick and Morty, besides the fact that the creators are friends, the shows have cameos
Gonff1570 Gonff1570 Mar 29
It does use animation! Stop motion is still animation, as is the story of Michael! The animation is prominent on DHMIS 5
Gonff1570 Gonff1570 Mar 27
@FandomsAmazing! I'm ashamed! Your title is in Green, but Green is not a creative color!
This seems cool. I'm glad I inspired someone to do something amazing like this.