The Bad Boys My Roomate

The Bad Boys My Roomate

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Scout Norrington By Scout_N Updated 4 days ago

Wait so your saying your my roommate?

Yhea and I think we'll have some fun.

OK rule number 1 NO TOUCHING.

Well I can't wait to break that rule.

Eww you disgust me. 


When Maria Adams gets a Scholar Ship to UCA she ends up rooming with the biggest player she's ever met! What will happen will it be all fights and arguments or will it turn into the best love story ever?

Read the story to find out!


I burst out laughing because it's supposed to be spelled waist and waste made me think of... you know.
Speech marks? It always annoys me when people don't put the right punctuation in stories. Sorry if I'm being rude about it but I can't read the story, I think it would be a great story, it's just the punctuation really annoys me and my OCD. Not trying to be rude though