Reality Check ✨ - Odell Beckham Jr

Reality Check ✨ - Odell Beckham Jr

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Chapter One » "Even the good girl falls short every once in a while."

Pulling into the parking space closest to the stadium entrance, Jade took out her phone and searched for Odell's name in her recents. Pressing his contact, she took a deep breath and placed the phone to her ear.  

"Hey, O. Um, I need to talk to you. I know you're at practice, I tried to come as close to the end as possible..." She said, cringing to herself as she spoke.

"Uh, I just hopped out the shower but I'll meet you in the front lobby in like ten minutes." He replied. 

"Ok, that's perfect. Uh, bye." She said quickly handing up the phone, "Here goes nothing..."

"Fuck." Odell groaned, sliding on his boxers, followed by his jeans. 

"What's up with you, man?" Hakeem asked, raising an eyebrow. 

"I smashed one of my homeboy's sister a couple weeks ago and now she showing up at practice and shit." Odell sighed. 

Hakeem laughed, "Have fun." 

Jade stood in lobby, tapping her foot nervously and trying to ignore...

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Four?? Why you're friends witg him and trying to get advice from him?
TrvllJaii TrvllJaii Jul 13
My nigga you's not the kids that got them wanting you to impregnate them too it's that money mr.NBA PLAYER
TrvllJaii TrvllJaii Jul 13
These the type of niggas that can't stay in a relationship so they give f'd up advice to ruin somebody else shii 😭
blazedember blazedember Apr 06
better speak up girl! let him know whaaaasupppppp, let him know he hit that pwussy good and you want moeeeee
Classic reason. Didn't you have condoms Odell? You busted raw 😂😂
TrvllJaii TrvllJaii Jul 13
Tbh I have always wanted to see a reaction of a guy hearing from some girl they smashed telling their pregnant I bet it's so funny 😩😭