watching mlb ✓

watching mlb ✓

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the same as all the watching mlb books that are out there
but mines more;


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MaxDark158 MaxDark158 Feb 02
Marinette, your crush wears a leather suit 24/7 and you're not happy? Did you forget that Chat is ripped?
                              If you don't want kitty, then I'll take him BTW.
                              He can join tomato child.
MaxDark158 MaxDark158 Feb 02
I know Adrien hasn't left his prison-I mean house, but wouldn't Marinette know Paris enough when watching the show to recognize the view from Sacré-Cœur and know that's where Hawkmoth is? Has NOBODY in the crowd been there?
FullOfPotassium FullOfPotassium 5 days ago
Every fangirl understands the pain of the Miraculous Love Square.
Dragon-Mistress Dragon-Mistress a day ago
Why the hell is Adrien sitting next to Chloe I mean come on I get the not marinette and Adrien thing cause poor Mari would get so embarrassed
First time in an FF WMLBFF that Adrien and Mari aren't next ti eachother. Odd
This would be me. Though Marichat is better in the love-line-square-thing