MineCraft Diaries Role-play!

MineCraft Diaries Role-play!

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Scarlett : Hmm.... *walks over to her with Ruby sword* Hello? May I ask who you are?
Michelle was  wearing armour the only  can be seen is her cat ears and tail "she walks over to the gates" H-Hello there!
Name: Clara
                              Age: 16
                              Gender: Female
                              Looks: Dark brown hair with red eyes. She wears a red cloak and a red bandana that covers her mouth.
                              Crush: None yet
                              Extra: She's a bandit but has fire powers she's unaware of.
botgirl562 botgirl562 Sep 29
Name: Sapphire Gem 
                              Looks: brown hair blue eyes and turquoise fox ears and tail with a black tip.
                              Wears:a blue hoodie with blue jeans and black converse 
She notices she looks kinda like her.
                              "hey...she kinda looks like me." She says quietly.
"Hello?" Ariella called. She thought they were a hybrid like her, Meif'wa werewolf mix, just with Irene powers, instead of her nature magics.