The Things She's Seen

The Things She's Seen

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Shy and timid, Hollow doesn't know much about the world, or herself. She's spent most of her life in a giant glass tube, just floating in a thick blue liquid. Abandoned for around a year, the Light Goddess inside of her works hard to preserve the girl before breaking her out of her comatose state, and helping her escape the desolate hideout she was kept in all her life. She stumbles into one Kakashi Hatake who has to take her with him. But what's this about her being a boy? I guess she'll just have to roll with it.

(This is the rewritten version of this book!)

(NARUTO WATTY AWARDS 2017, 1st Place for General Naruto)

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caity-devil788 caity-devil788 Sep 11, 2017
Me when I wake up and realize I still haven't transcended to the Naruto verse
RyanErza RyanErza Jul 18, 2017
I vote here early before i started reading cause i gonna read all chapter offline not all sorry 😢😧 my waifai got problem but some chapter i will vote went iam online 😥
NegroQueenShaeva NegroQueenShaeva Dec 18, 2017
Wait then lol y they pink in the cover? Also haha I’ve never seen anyone blush up close irl so when I read about people blushing I’m just like “dang that must feel cool”
NegroQueenShaeva NegroQueenShaeva Dec 23, 2017
But what if there was someone else in there waiting to be saved? :0
YoshiPrincess YoshiPrincess Oct 05, 2017
AHA! I’m taller for once!! *laughter slowly turns into sobs*
RavenWarrior77 RavenWarrior77 Aug 22, 2017
I dont care how many times ive read this i will keep reading it