The Violet Queen/King - K Project Fanfiction

The Violet Queen/King - K Project Fanfiction

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foodmama By foodmama Updated Aug 30, 2016

We're looking for the Silver King,
Well that's what I was told
My name is Jahaina Yama, and I'm 22 years young, My son Raiden he's 4 .

I'm also the Violet Queen/king .
I know what your thinking 
How can a women be a King, well that's for me to know and you to find out.
How the hell do I have a son, long story short i made a plan to live a normal life until my time has come but I guess that's gonna have to hold for a while.  

But for now read my story about I try to figure out how to basically live, and maybe even find some love ;)

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