Fixing Isabelle

Fixing Isabelle

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✱Disclaimer: please remember that this is a completely fictitious story written for entertainment, not knowledge of psychology, and that locations while real are used in a way that is purely fictional✱


Parker Quincy is a psychiatrist in training. In order for him to become a real psychiatrist, he has to help and fix one person. If he succeeds, he'll be a true psychiatrist. If he fails, all of his work will be worth nothing. Yet he chooses the most hopeless patient ever. 

Little does he know, she's relying on him with her life.

"What made you like this? So emotionless, careless, nefarious?" I asked her and she rolled her eyes. Slowly, I leaned closer and mockingly spoke. "What, you got daddy issues?"

She was about ready to pounce on me and I greatly appreciated the guard's constant, protective stare.

She got as close as she could and I stared into her eyes. Her dark, deep, dangerous blue eyes resembled a vicious wolf glaring at its enemy. 

"Daddy issues?" she whispered menacingly. "I killed my daddy."

Can Parker Quincy fix Isabelle Moratti? Or will he only make her worse?


Highest Rank: #11 in Mystery/Thriller [February 11, 2017].

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CateCandora12 CateCandora12 Sep 07, 2017
Isabelle reminds me of a) Eurus Holmes and b) Jim Moriarty. (You can see the resemblance in the name.) 
                              Yes. The Sherlock fandom has struck.
Cheshiii Cheshiii Jul 06, 2017
This kind of reminds me of Harley Quinn and the joker.
                              Parker Quincy--Harley Quin
Wait is this book going to have romance in?? Or nah. It's cool either way
icecreamworld icecreamworld Dec 02, 2016
Are you sure he's not a psychologist......cause a psychiatrist is a medicallll doc