A throwing knife for two (2p Italy x 1p Italy)

A throwing knife for two (2p Italy x 1p Italy)

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Italy Veneziano By italypasta123 Updated Apr 28, 2017

***SLOW UPDATES (you have been warned)***

Feliciano (Italy) and Alfred (America) are going to Arthur's (England) place for a week, because Alfred's boyfriend Ivan (Russia) is at war with Yao (China). Feli is going to Arthur's because Ludwig (Germany) and kiku (Japan) are helping Yao, and he needed someone to watch him.

While Feli is exploring Arthur's mansion he goes up to the attic and fines a beautiful mirror. That night while Feli is sleeping he wakes up from a nightmare, and decides to go up in the attic where the mirror is.

As he was admiring the mirror, someone grabbed him and pulled him in. Where is he? Will he fall in love? 
Read to find out. I'm horrible at writing descriptions so just go with it.

((I do not own hetalia or its characters. Will have fluff and maybe a small amount of lime.))