Silent Screams (Darkiplier x Jacksepticeye)

Silent Screams (Darkiplier x Jacksepticeye)

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Jack is a loud, green-haired Irishman that loves to make YouTube videos. He looks up to his friend, Mark, when it comes to posting good content. 
Jack doesn't know anything about Mark. 
But when he is exposed to Mark's dark side, what will become of Jack?

[Darkiplier x Jacksepticeye]

Quick a/n: Out of curiosity, I looked up 'Darkiplier' and my story came up nineteenth! That's SO COOL! Thank you so much for this extremely awesome accomplishment. Love you all. 

And new readers... Prepare for some crazy ass bullshit. ^u^ -Lee

jayscrowbar jayscrowbar 4 days ago
@dabcembers this isn't it but looool I'm just gonna tag you in a bunch
StarGirl150 StarGirl150 Nov 29
I love this story! I've read it so many times. You have such a great writing style.
M3AD0W M3AD0W Nov 29
You take two steps forward I take two steps back, we come together cos opposites attract and you know!"
its only the first chapter and mY HEART HAS ALREADY GAVE OUT OMFFFFF
Rusty_Bunny Rusty_Bunny Nov 27
That moment when all u read is the "and I'll see all you dudes" and u immediately have a big smile on your face.
Trincent-Le-Killa Trincent-Le-Killa 18 hours ago
Are you guys kidding, I'm loving this. Such betrayal, such innocence. "I don't feel quite like myself" YES chillzzz I love it