Hello there.  (( UNDER EDITING ))

Hello there. (( UNDER EDITING ))

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Tiny_Potato By Yellow_blood_author Updated Jan 17, 2017

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You are a yellow blooded troll. Yes like most you have the bi colored eyes, but you psiioniics.....well that's another story. You live in the age of the ancestors or more like the age of the signless.

Though your not one to his full most group you are a follower. Instead of being in his camp, mostly course you can't find it. You usual tend to stay in the woods near a small town. It's all fine and dandy when one certain night you get fed up with a blueblood messing with wrigglers. 

That's was your first mistake. Second mistake was yelling at them and throwing the rock. 

Now you were running in your woods from a group of bluebloods. What happens when you happen to trip and hit your head when you wake up, your some where you could only hope. 

With some one you can only hope.

As some of you know my other story was a glitchy account so here we are instead!
I'm also aware the summoner and signless didn't live at the same time but I really don't care all that much. And! I'm known to delete my AN after a while so don't freak if they are suddenly gone.

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DemonCatt82 DemonCatt82 Apr 12, 2017
you said fool a few feet, its flew a few feet, ^w^ just helping
SophieJE619 SophieJE619 Jun 12, 2017
Perhaps you should add the word "where" in between "place" and "you". Also, I'd change the word "some" into "somewhat".
SophieJE619 SophieJE619 Jun 12, 2017
In the first line, I believe it's "where", instead of "we're". Also, in the last line, "closeting" should be "closing"
SophieJE619 SophieJE619 Jun 12, 2017
I can't help but notice that you have some grammatical errors in the chapters that I've read so far, so if you wouldn't mind, I can point them out to you.
Yougotaproblembitch Yougotaproblembitch Jan 23, 2017
I Must Say; Sollux Darling Please Do Us All A Favor And Please But On Clothes. Thank You Dear