My Best Friend's Wife

My Best Friend's Wife

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Emma Swan was a married Woman when she made the mistake of sleeping with her husband's best friend Killian Jones.

Why did she do it? Was she unhappy in her marriage? Was Killian just to irresistible? 

Why did Killian do it? Was he drunk? Is he in love with her? 

What will happen when people find out about the affair?

Find out all the answers in My Best Friend's Wife.

Yeah he did, don't feel bad. Feel amazing b/c you slept with the most amazing guy in the universe
kushbush kushbush Apr 12
Tell that to Tamara. You know, the one who nearly killed your son
kkrules22 kkrules22 May 16
Cause you love her!! Thats why part of you doesn't fell guilty
Sooooo... Henry's just downstairs listening to all this, being scarred for life? xD
Ughh I hate when people cheat like it seriously bothers me for some reason. Like why da fuq would you do that :( BUT I LOVE THIS STORY THO :)
im not complaining but oh my gosh emma i never thought she would do this but i like it ((: