Call It Forever || Kellic || Sequel ✅

Call It Forever || Kellic || Sequel ✅

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Sequel To Spray Painting & Detentions :)

@totallyshipkellic helped me with the tittle cuz I suck at coming up with title's go show them so love! c:


Im literally eating blue icing and reading this like its totally normal
ThatFish4Ever ThatFish4Ever Apr 18, 2016
I just read this smut scene in class, on my laptop... and I sit in the front.
Blurring_Silence Blurring_Silence Mar 29, 2016
I kinda made an inhuman voice when I saw there was a sequel. And YAS! It made up for the smut that DID NOT HAPPEN IN THE PREVIOUS BOOK.🙄🙄😉 you good you good
pierce_thefaith pierce_thefaith Jun 29, 2016
CountingStarsNScars CountingStarsNScars Mar 30, 2016
Dude! I'm in Geometry and i have to spend three hours in hre anc there's only three other people in the class and this is just what i needed! I almost squealed really loudly and everyone already thinks I'M WEIRD i mean I'm dressed like Tyler Joseph, so...
0kayc00l 0kayc00l Jul 14, 2016
Damn, it's only the first chapter and there is already smut.