She's His

She's His

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Mikaelson By Mikaelsonsgirl Updated Mar 27, 2016

Clarissa Forbes is Caroline's sister and all she wants to do is protect her friends but when an original claims her as his, she can't seem to deny the unbreakable bond between '

"Darling I'll always find you. I'll always want you and you'll always be mine. You've always been mine"  - Kol Mikaelson

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the TVD cast I only own Clarissa and her story line.

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- - Feb 09, 2017
I got a headache from crying not because of the chapter because my mind has a way of twisting thing so they happen to me and are so graphic can i get a new mind. Maybe one thats scared on ducks and not the fake death of myself and others
Mikaelsonsgirl Mikaelsonsgirl Mar 26, 2016
I've already started on a few chapters that I will be posting on Quotev and I aim to update more frequently, thank you!!!
CutieChante CutieChante Mar 26, 2016
Im glad your starting up this story again on wattpad I hope you update regularly this time good luck with the book!