Just Strangers {Sterek Fan-Fiction}

Just Strangers {Sterek Fan-Fiction}

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Brooka By Stiles_Derek_Sterek Updated May 29, 2016


Stiles ran ,full speed ,down the alley. He was making his way around the corner when he slid down on the ground. He soaked his side in a puddle of sewer mud. A siren went off as Stiles started to run again. He reached a fire escape, looked around and climbed up.  Stiles climbed until he reached an opened window, we're he climbed into a dark, silent apartment.

Stiles rolled in and stumbled to his feet. Breathing heavy, Stiles explored his surroundings. He found food in the cupboards and fridge, but the door was locked. The one bedroom apartment was coazy for one person. He could tell the person was neat and a guy. The guy had a gun full of ammo and extra. Nice clothes. Clean. Everything. Not even a grain of dust. Anywhere. Stiles used is smarts to tell the exact time the man left and was due home. Stiles shrugged, desiding to take a shower and clean his road rash before it got bad.

After pealing off his soaked jeans, shirt, hoodie and boxers Stiles climbed into the tub. H...

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