For The Prince

For The Prince

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The Empire Series | Completed | Fictional Regency Romance 

Lady Marietta has been betrothed to the first born prince of Highcliffe since her birth. Although, when the time comes for her to be sent to court she finds him rather unfavorable and rude. All seems to be lost until she  meets the dashing younger prince, with whom she shares an undeniable connection with. 

Can Marietta push aside her feelings for her best friend and lover to please her parents and country? Will she be able to avoid the many political forces that seem to be tearing her apart? 

Twists and turns, murders and romance. Lady Mariettas life is about to change, but is it for the better? Or for the worst.

This novel contains book one; For the Prince, and the novella; For the Empire.

Highest Ranking in Historical Fiction: #3

Most Current Ranking in Historical Fiction: #6 (May 21st, 2017)

The Empire Series. Copyright © 2016. Sarah Shelton. All Rights Reserved.

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I love this introduction, explaining the kingdoms helps to make it not confusing.
I love how you introduce the story. It's so unique and caught my interest rather quickly. Can't wait to get to know all of the characters and explore this new land!
MaryamAbdo MaryamAbdo Jun 03
Well this intro was something special. 
                              😄👌 You got me enticed. 😊
crazydreamy12 crazydreamy12 7 days ago
Oh, and great beginning too! NOW, that room service I was talking about,
HayleyRyan1 HayleyRyan1 Jul 27
Very interesting introduction. Sets the rest of the story up well *wink  wink*
crazydreamy12 crazydreamy12 7 days ago
Room service please! I want steak.
                              What? You made this sound like a holiday.  And you said ask for ANYTHING. So, Room service!