Daniel's Jailbait ✔︎

Daniel's Jailbait ✔︎

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Amber Cloud By Ambersm Completed

"Daniel was going at a nice and gentle pace, but when I let out a soft moan, all of that was gone. He started... What you would call fucking. His pace was fast and passionate. 

How the hell am I going to walk tomorrow? 

The pain was soon all forgotten about with one more thrust of Daniel, and we both climaxed at the same time.

He rolled off of me and laid next to me. Our heavy breathe in the air, filling my ears. 

He pulled the comforter up to us, his chest was now touching my back. His arm around my waist and his face in the crook of my neck.  

I let my mind go crazy about what had just happened. He was twenty-three and I was seventeen.. He could go to jail.. 

Then something occurred to me..
I, Marcella Whitman, is Daniel's Jailbait."


One night of lust and passion can change everything. 

Especially for Daniel. His everything could be taken away from him and go back to jail. 

Go through the journey Marcella and Daniel will have  to face. Will anyone find out about their little secret? Or will the world crash down on them when someone does? 

This Book Contains:
-Unedited Chapters
-Mature Scenes
-Mature Language

  • jailbait
  • lovestory
  • mature
  • romance
  • tease
You know what,I read the how to tame a bad boy I didn't know I had to read this one,now I feel confused......ughhhh
I know someone who lost their daughter while giving birth to her If that counts.