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Caitlyn Rogers By Shredded-Wheat Updated Oct 19, 2016

"Why do you call Clary little girl but not me?" I ask him.

"Because you think before you decide to do something, you're aware of the people around you and how your actions will cause consequences, Clary rushes into problem without looking at the people trying to catch up with her to keep her safe, she reckless and selfish, she's everything your not," He replied looking me dead in the eye.

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Good, always good,"


Victoria Fray always knew she was a little different. While kids her age were out partying and drinking, she enjoyed the comfort of her bedroom. Locked away there she wouldn't be plagued with the visions of people's lives.

But one night, on the twins eighteenth birthday, their celebration is cut short and the twins rush home to their frantic mother trying to explain why their life is like this and how they should keep safe.

When demons attack and blood is spilled, ties are formed and love is lost, but will Victoria be able to break free from her inner turmoil and save the shadow world? 

[Shadowhunters: Season 1]
[Alec Lightwood]
[Book One]
[Trailer By @-alphavoid]

Malec_Is_Life_96 Malec_Is_Life_96 Apr 16, 2016
This trailer is so amazing but I need to know will this be a crossover of shadowhunters and teen wolf