Soul x Reader x Kid

Soul x Reader x Kid

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Tori France By TheMaroonElephant Completed

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Forced to enter the DWMA under your parent's instruction, you're entirely convinced this will be the worst thing that's ever happened to you. 

However, you reach Death City, and in a spiral of crazy events, find yourself falling for not one boy, but two.

The choice is yours- Who will you love?

And who's heart will you break?

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The Titans got through wall rose and Maria, now the fourth wall? Oh. Wrong anime XD
And now I get annoyed how there is only 221 comments. I'm fixing this XD
SweetTeay SweetTeay Nov 27
I am a smart person I am told, but I wish I wasn't because then I can't do the things I love as a career. . . Probably make little to no money, but I want to be happy doing my job.
Tbh I would not even LOOK at a place called death city... DEATH IS IN IT F#CKING NAME!!!
I know how he feels, I hate off numbers for some weird reason
That "man" is a Kishin, you couldn't have killed him without a weapon