Soul x Reader x Kid

Soul x Reader x Kid

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Tori France By TheMaroonElephant Completed

Entered in The Soul Eater Watts Awards!

Forced to enter the DWMA under your parent's instruction, you're entirely convinced this will be the worst thing that's ever happened to you. 

However, you reach Death City, and in a spiral of crazy events, find yourself falling for not one boy, but two.

The choice is yours- Who will you love?

And who's heart will you break?

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  • evans
  • kid
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WHERE IS THE GORILLA GLUE!!!!!(got too lazy too type in Spanish)
Brooooo why is she acting like this my mom would have threatened me con la chancla por mi comportamiento!!!!!!!!!
*cries* THE FOURTH WALL!!!!!!
                              *background music: tabidachi no uta (ass. class.)*
I wanna go too ucla or usc i like there criminal justice programs as well as there crime programs ;-; but i can do DWMA too
AnnaKitKat AnnaKitKat Mar 08
Nah, mate. Not about that Harvard life. I wanna go to Yale! Bulldog!  Bulldog! Bow, wow, wow!
NOPE! I ain't getting pulled back like I oughta fight da bitch