Into the Storm ► Jasper Hale [2] (HIATUS)

Into the Storm ► Jasper Hale [2] (HIATUS)

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❝And her heart was the best part, it would always calm the storm for those who were afraid of a little rain.❞

Allison Christopher made herself into a new woman during her time in Forks, Washington. Before, she was a gentle girl with a heart warmer than the blood rushing through her veins. And she was still that girl, but that girl was buried underneath battle scars and cold eyes. She became a warrior, who fought with her life to protect others. She became a soldier, who battled to save the ones she loves. 

Allison walked proudly with battle scars marring her once fair skin, and she held her head high with dignity when someone's eyes lingered on the marks. 

If people were rain, then Allison had once viewed herself as a light drizzle. Now, after she'd been through hell and returned with blood stained hands and smiling lips, she knew she was a hurricane. 

Underneath her hard exterior, she was still the same girl she had once been. She still loved with all she had, and she still forgave easily. She still laughed until she cried, and she still had the warmest heart. And her heart was the best part; it never failed to calm her hurricane into a drizzle for those who were afraid of a little rain.

[the twilight saga: eclipse]
[book two in the allison christopher series]
[cover idea - @-voidallison]

wendy2905 wendy2905 Jun 19
Please update I loved the first book need to know what happens in the second. 
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This reminds me of a passage in Looking for Alaska! I love it!
Yes favourite song at the moment along with strange love 😍😍😏✌👌
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I'm so pumped! Let's go. Eclipse, time to see Alliecat kick aśś