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Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic [Completed]

Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic [Completed]

33.5K Reads 1.9K Votes 25 Part Story
Victoria Chalice By darkangelqueen16 Completed

When Marinette is rejected by Adrien for a perfectly legitimate reason, Lila decides to rub salt in Marinette's wound. Unfortunately, Marinette is heartbroken and is an easy victim for Hawkmoth's akumas. Will she resist the temptation of sweet revenge, and if she doesn't what will happen if she is akumatized? Her secret may be revealed to Chat Noir/Adrien in the worst way possible. 

Credit for the characters and setting goes to the producers of the show Miraculous Ladybug. The plots are mine. Also, credit to the person who created the cover. It is amazing! 
Hope you enjoy!

missyfranklin307 missyfranklin307 Nov 02, 2016
Me: Rika, please torture this lying bitch.
                              Rika: Ok, Rain.
                              (Rika tortures Lila making Lila blind, mute, deaf and legless)
Secret-Skipper Secret-Skipper Oct 18, 2016
Lel Hawkmoth will fail anyway in retrieving ladybug's miraculous
useless_muggles useless_muggles Nov 07, 2016
Lila you goddamn little poofer. Why don't you stop your whining and learn how to use the potty like a normal human.
Minou_Noir Minou_Noir Dec 06, 2016
Lila is true to her name, LIE-la. 
2cool4uboo 2cool4uboo Nov 05, 2016
i hate Lila but i want to see her in season two for some weird reason i dunno
laurielove7034 laurielove7034 Dec 09, 2016
I would want her name to be heartbreaker but dark lady does work