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Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic [Completed]

Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic [Completed]

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Victoria Chalice By darkangelqueen16 Completed

When Marinette is rejected by Adrien for a perfectly legitimate reason, Lila decides to rub salt in Marinette's wound. Unfortunately, Marinette is heartbroken and is an easy victim for Hawkmoth's akumas. Will she resist the temptation of sweet revenge, and if she doesn't what will happen if she is akumatized? Her secret may be revealed to Chat Noir/Adrien in the worst way possible. 

Credit for the characters and setting goes to the producers of the show Miraculous Ladybug. The plots are mine. Also, credit to the person who created the cover. It is amazing! 
Hope you enjoy!

Dark lady🤔🤔 is it me or does that sound like mini moons evil self from sailor moon
I think you did a really good job at showing how Marinette overreacts over things. I can just imagine the 2D animation playing behind her like in the show.
i thought this would make me feel better after getting in a fight with my friend about who adrien belongs to (we're weird) but now i'm even more heartbroken lol
Anni_maul Anni_maul Mar 28
Right now Chloe is better than Lila. More this means a lot, it being CHLOE and all
Come Marinette pull yourself together your stronger then this
Girl calm down it's a good reason he can't just blow off his photo shoot even if he wanted to