Mr. Deception (Book 2 )* Urban chic-lit novel*

Mr. Deception (Book 2 )* Urban chic-lit novel*

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chaterboxxx By chaterboxxx Updated Jul 21, 2017


Audrey is back and now its 3 years later. With a dotting boyfriend and an incredibly adorable, energetic three year old always two feet away keeps her life busy enough and just very happy. She couldn't have asked for anything more and now with her getting back in the groove of writing, she's in complete bliss.

But as they say all that glitters isn't gold and she still has some loose ends that she only seemed to have avoided. With a run in with Marcus and news of Corey returning to town with a new agenda, she just can't seem to catch a break, especially with the biggest burden of not knowing of who exactly the father of her child is, but that isn't the only thing she would have to deal with.

This story although picks up on Audrey's life, there's also been three more additions waiting to tell their own story of the deception that is unavoidable. 

Krystle and her money hungry baby daddy.
Naomi and her once picture perfect new husband (the one she cheated with) now flipping the script,
and Natalie with her husband keeping a secret so big to make anyone loose all faith in men.

It just seems there's a enough deception to go around.

  • 4-pointofview
  • deception
  • grown
  • make-believe
  • mature
  • sexual
  • urban
queen_eshaa queen_eshaa Jun 18, 2017
I love it . It gives more detail on the others and I love the first story so much
Mstaylor513 Mstaylor513 Mar 31, 2016
Her baby sneaky listen to coco he is setting his case up. She better get it together before it smack her in the face
JacQueal JacQueal Apr 01, 2016
I cannot wait to read this story i was in love with the first now we can find out a bit more of everyone and coco i bet hes gonna be a mess
Mstaylor513 Mstaylor513 Mar 30, 2016
Yassss!!!! Can't wait too see what they are hiding and if old exes come back and
Whoa_boW Whoa_boW Mar 31, 2016
From the way she briefly described him, I totally agree this is the case.
eatkins21 eatkins21 Mar 30, 2016
Honey you have me life as soon as I got this notification!!! I'm ready to see what this book has in store,  I'm already ready for more chapters.