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The Room

The Room

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havin' fun with it By PllParadise Updated Feb 20

It's been six years since the finale of Pretty Little Liars. It's been five since Ashley Benson was kidnapped. The same four walls have kept her prisoner over the years, never to escape, never to see the outside world. The heavily-locked door holds her hostage. It's the same thing nearly every single day; wake up, hope for food, and await a punishment from her kidnapper. She's either his punching bag, or his own personal sex toy. Ashley dreads the days when she knows it'll be both. It's been three years since the birth of her daughter, a beautiful little girl. The room is where her entire life has been, she's never seen outside of it. Ashley wants nothing more than to give her little girl the childhood she deserves, one where a hot meal is promised without some kind of physical abuse for dessert. It's just the two of them, they can only count on each other and the walls surrounding them. The walls that will always be there, a reminder that this is all life consists of now. But Ashley and her daughter share one common goal; escape the room.

mmoniiiquee mmoniiiquee Mar 25, 2016
I've caught up to all the PLL excited for this one!!!❤️
damnwhatyouthink damnwhatyouthink Mar 27, 2016
Amazing!! ugh Anthony, rape is not right at all, it makes me so mad!!
chelsea-2016 chelsea-2016 Mar 27, 2016
Amazing I so hate Anthony, where are Lucy,troian,Shay at all , I really hope Ashley and Lennon get out of that room!!!
Opal_4 Opal_4 Mar 26, 2016
Absolutely love!!!! I feel so bad for Ashley and Lennon!!! But at least Ashley has her daughter to make her a little happier. I can't wait to keep reading!!! You always make the best books!
Temifoeva Temifoeva Mar 25, 2016
This is inspired by the movie room right? It's a really good book and so is the movie😊
Opal_4 Opal_4 Mar 27, 2016
Poor Ashley!!! I feel so bad for her and Lennon. At least Lennon can hide so she doesn't have to face Anthony. I wish I could say the same for Ashley. Amazing book as always!!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!!!