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Those Green Eyes

Those Green Eyes

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➡️uh... france⬅️ By SpottedLeaf00 Updated Aug 19, 2016

Okay people/ponies/cats/neko/etc., 
as you may know a new (amazingly awesome profound impeccable) movie has come out from Disney.
Called Zootopia.
And as you may know there is a fox in it.
Named Nick.
To be specific, Nicholas Wilde.
And as you may know, an average girl watching the movie might develop a crush on this fox known as Nick from the new movie, Zootopia.
And if you are that girl you would know when you look up 'Nick Wilde X Reader' the things that come up are with Judy. Judy Hopps.
And by now you may know the majority of the people in the newly found Zootopia fandom ship Nick Wilde with Judy Hopps.
And even though Judy Hopps was an amazing character in Zootopia, if you are that girl then you probably don't like the idea of your fox eloping with that bunny.
So I am here to tell you this is normal as many people have been through this in different fandoms with different characters everywhere.
And I too am slightly upset there seems to be no 'Nick Wilde X Reader's
So here it is, judge me all you want but I shall make it. Right here. Right now. On Wattpad. 
So get ready.

The cover is made by Rachel Rei on YouTube I suggest you look at her channel for more awesome drawings.

WolvesRBae WolvesRBae Apr 05, 2016
Awesomenessssss omg that crazy lady.... She killed me Xd no it awesomeeeee
AmyyyReyesss AmyyyReyesss Sep 23, 2016
The funny thing is that I'm watching the movie on Netflix right now 😂😂😂
WolvesRBae WolvesRBae Apr 04, 2016
PLEASE update I'm entranced already Xd. For all I know you might have made this 3 years ago Xd but pleaseeeee!
ScrewyFandoms ScrewyFandoms May 09, 2016
Omg! I love Nick. (Just between u and me I want to marry him)
                              Nick: What did you say Screwy?
                              Me: Nothing
                              Nick: Aw...I love u too
                              (Grabs me by the waist and kisses me)
                              Me: *shock and blushing like crazy*