Colors (Mithzan X Reader)

Colors (Mithzan X Reader)

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"I miss seeing color..." (Y/N) said and looked up at him. "The splashes of gold and green..." their hands touched. "The beautiful purples and pinks..." their fingers intertwine. "Soft reds and oranges..." they slowly leaned in. "But most of all. The amazing Brown of your eyes." just as they were about to kiss, the door opens and in comes Ross. "No! He will not be the one to show you color... I will not let it happen... I won't let you get hurt again..."

You, Ross' sister, was diagnosed with depression at a very young age. Depression is slowly losing interest and color fades. How can you see colors again? Finding him, the one who makes you smile and laugh and forget all the bad times. Can it be the editor with problems of his own? Find out in "Colors" a Max x reader Fanfic!

Hey guys! I'm back with yet another Fanfic! Credits for pictures or videos I might use! Hope you like this beautiful thing and I will see you later!

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BellaBeast2004 BellaBeast2004 Apr 05, 2017
I was Kinda depressed about my grandpa dying but I'm okay mow
DiamondWolfy1516688 DiamondWolfy1516688 Jun 18, 2016
Fur some reason I keep thinking Reader~Chan is color blind...
anxiouscupoftea anxiouscupoftea Jul 26, 2016
Me- Is she colour blind? 
                              My brain - You're an idiot
                              Me - Yeh
                              My brain - *facepalm*
galaxys_far_away galaxys_far_away Sep 12, 2016
CLAPS* just reading this chapter I know this is a great story
KiraScribbles KiraScribbles Aug 31, 2016
If her name was Emily, I would have cried. Em is my bestie/ soul sister
shylieshi shylieshi Apr 13, 2016
I sound really dumb right now but when you say losing color do you mean she is going color blind or she doesn't see things the same?