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#HamiltonTrash Hideout

#HamiltonTrash Hideout

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#OTHER IS MY EMPRESS By AuthorUprising36 Updated Apr 28, 2016

Yep. Now you all know it! 

I, OF ALL PEOPLE, am now considered to be what most people call "Hamilton Trash", but hey! 

I'm "NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT" at meeting some of you other Hamilton Fans out there!! I mean, there's gotta be others, right~???

I certainly hope so, anyway!

So, I do a lot of surfing online and everything. I look up a lot of pictures, and when I'm not lucking up anime, I'm typically looking up Broadway pictures!

And I stumbled upon Hamilton a little while back and my obsession has slowly become something that I have not been able to contain, so I'm pouring all of my Hamilton freakouts into this book!

There might also be one shots, rants, and funnies just to satisfy you~! 

And don't be afraid to join in the fun! Message me and we'll become best friends right away!!! :3

So, let's get a move on!!!

BTW: I will try to update every day, with about 6 to 10 new pictures/one shots/etc. ^^

AnimeLover_6258 AnimeLover_6258 Dec 07, 2016
The soundtrack is the musical there's just dancing when you see it live
Prussia25 Prussia25 9 hours ago
There's a deleted song called Dear Theodosia(Reprise) where Aaron tells his daughter that her mother died... Burr cried and everything
CCtheWritec CCtheWritec 2 days ago
Well actually he wasn't. Instead in real life, its said Hamilton shot at Burr and purposely missed. (Hence the glasses) Alex shot right by Burr's ear. Burr was aiming for Alex's heart, but the sudden noise caught him off guard and he instead shot him in the area under his heart
CCtheWritec CCtheWritec 2 days ago
Hamiltons youngest child was 2, Phillip (named after the first Phillip)
Except only in the play, in real life he didn't feel guilty.
Honestly, I barely even knew Alexander Hamilton before this play. I just knew he was a founding father and was on the ten dollar bill. I had no idea what the guy did or that he was shot by Burr in the first place. It's really sad.