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More to me (mommy's angels 2)

More to me (mommy's angels 2)

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Mbbaby By Mbbaby Updated May 23, 2014

Nicki is now 8 months pregnant. Drake has started his clothing line and the girls are the same....... Hahaga everywhere

Gabby- your tummy big.... Why?

Shae- she has babies in dere

Nicki- who told you that?

Shae- uncle Wayne. He said you ate them

Nezzy- you eat me?

Gabby- I don't wanna be eat up!

She ran off out of my sight

Lyric- me either!

Nicki- I didn't eat the babies Gabby come here!

Drake- RAWR!!!!!


She ran to me and grabbed my legs

Gabby- shoo!

Shae- haha shoo fly!

Drake- see this! She how they treat there father. But Nezzy Lyric and Nique are my girls. So ill buy them a toy

Gabby's eyes looked up and she looked at me then Drake

Gabby- I wan one daddy!!!

Drake- no you don't like me so you don't get one.

Gabby- *whining* AHHHHHHHH I DONT LIKE YOU!!!

Nicki- Gabby stop it

Drake- come on girls ill get you ice cream instead.

Nique- yea!!

Nezzy- yea!!!

Lyric- you wan some mama?

Nicki- yea Drake can you get me some vanilla with straw...

Princess_Bree24 Princess_Bree24 Jun 29, 2016
Thats maaadd eight yr old cuz knows how to do that😒😒😂
royal1030 royal1030 Apr 04, 2016
Nigga stop being so stubborn and give the children the pacifier you acting like its going to make them soft
v-diva123 v-diva123 May 27, 2015
love it but here goes the challenges of five girls and three boys
TheTrueMe21 TheTrueMe21 Jan 31, 2015
whats the name of the first book cause i dont know which book it is.. is it by you or someone else
Mbbaby Mbbaby Jul 06, 2013
@NicsLilSis hahahaha @BaddieLyriccz thank you love @lizzy65291 I might but need alot of people to comment and read on this one @PrettyGangMaraj yea it's a nice idea
OnceUponAEmpireFan OnceUponAEmpireFan Jul 06, 2013
Still got the Princesses of Rap here I love @lizzy65291 ideas