Yuu-chan In Wonderland (#wattys2016)

Yuu-chan In Wonderland (#wattys2016)

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tessyoc By tessyoc Updated 7 days ago

A descendant of the legendary Alice who doesn't believe in the world of fantasy, is sent down the hole of wonderland where he has to start believing in them or else their Queen's light will go off and their world will fade away.

Based off Alice in Wonderland

Contains Yaoi Harem
(Yuu's Harem)

Started: July 21, 2016

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DeviantDamsell DeviantDamsell Nov 07, 2017
im screaming. Yuu-chans gonna get it XD in what context, i am no longer certain
donot2Judge_Anyone donot2Judge_Anyone Oct 12, 2017
" Ammm... ; I didn't get it ___ how she walk further and after that she was before him to give him the invitation card.
                              Sorry I do trouble you although I try  not to trouble you.
leoreos leoreos Nov 10, 2017
Can we all just take a moment and appreciate this cover 😂
That temporary state of confusion when they're complaining about learning English and they're speaking in it until you remember that they're meant to be speaking Japanese 5 seconds later
                              You haven't learn Spanish, that's really difficult, believe me, 'cuz my language is Spanish, but I'm best in English ^^
yurami7sama yurami7sama Oct 12, 2017
وكيف أنها تسير أبعد وبعد ذلك أنها  قبله لإعطائه بطاقة الدعوة