Yuu-chan In Wonderland (#wattys2016)

Yuu-chan In Wonderland (#wattys2016)

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A descendant of the legendary Alice who doesn't believe in the world of fantasy, is sent down the hole of wonderland where he has to start believing in them or else their Queen's light will go off and their world will fade away.

Based off Alice in Wonderland

Contains Yaoi Harem
(Yuu's Harem)

Started: July 21, 2016

Arietyst Arietyst May 20
                              YOU LOVE YUUICHIROU
                              HEY HEY FERID!
                              HEY HEY FERID!
                              THE BEST CAPTAIN SHIP EVER! MIKAYUU IS GOING TO WIN!
                              MIKAYUU SHIPPERS 4x
                              AH!~ WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SHIPPING! THE OTP OF EVERYONE!
                              MIKAYUU~ IS A YAOI SHIP!
                              AND I AM MIKAYUU~
                              (get the song from marukayu chikiyuu in hetalia)
LMAO. Also if you couldn't see it and your sister was talking like that id think she was possessed omg.
Arietyst Arietyst May 20
*imitating miranda's weird voice* OUR SLUT CAPTAIN SHIP~ JUST HAD APPEARED ~
If kids these days at capable of anything, why can I still not understand the point of Algebra?