Kidnapper's Girlfriend(rewriting)

Kidnapper's Girlfriend(rewriting)

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Rebel S Rover By The_Wanderlust_Ruby Completed

AZMAN opened the door of Zarin's room. He could see the whole room even when there was only the dim light of the table lamp.

He found her sleeping on the bed hugging her  blue teddy which he gifted her on her   fifteenth birthday.

Some things never change.

He sat beside her on the bed caressing her cheek with his thump. Suddenly she opened her eyes wide,and was about to scream, he placed his hand on her mouth
"Shhh...I am here to help you. Don't scream." 

She didn't listen to him instead bit his hand and jumped off from the bed.

"Zubi..." she screamed for help. 

"Zarin,no..." He pulled her to him in a swift and placed a kerchief on her face which had chloroform in it. She went unconscious. 

He heard some footsteps coming towards her room. He made her lie on the bed hurriedly and hide behind the closet door. 

He saw someone walking in to the room. It was Zubin, Zarin's brother. Zubin  sat beside his sister and wrapped the quilt around her. Zarin used have nightmares so he thought that she screamed in her sleep. Zubin kissed on Zarin's forehead.

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