Kidnapper's Girlfriend(completed)

Kidnapper's Girlfriend(completed)

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Ruby Rover By Bird_of_Passenger Completed

"I am sorry. "

"Why would you say sorry to me? It is your life, Abeer. You can do whatever you want to do with it." She said pushing me away.

"Yeah..why do you care??? You love that imran guy. You care for him not for me. Right?" I asked in rage.

"I don't love anyone except- I cut her off by asking  "He was here. Wasn't he?" 

"It was David. " she said.

"Why did he come here? Look zahra, I already lost my family.I don't wanna lose Rabeeh too." 

"David is innocent, Abeer. He is not what you think."

"Why are you defending him?"

"Because he is my brother. "

"Step brother. I know what person he is. "

"Pauline forced him to become a jerk. He didn't do anything willingly. " she was defending him again.

"But I can't forget what he did to you." 

"Why?" She folded her hands under her chest.

"Because I...I.." I was in a lost of words.

"Because you?" 

"I don't want David to come  here,again ." I changed the topic.

"He will come here untill I am here." She said sternly. 

"Then go with him." I said walking in to the door. 

"I will go once Rabeeh becomes fine. You don't have to bear me for lifetime. " I can sense a sadness in her tune.

Shit!! Why did I say that?

" can you stay here for lifetime? ? Your love is not  living here." I decided to be a jerk for a few minutes. 

She muttered something under her breath.

"If you want to say something, say it loud." 

"Why are you dragging imran in everything you say?" She asked frustrated. 

"Because I hate him."

"You never met him. Then why would you hate him?" Now she is shooting questions. 

"Because he has you." I shut the door behind me leaving a shocked zahra.

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