Identity (Osomatsu-SanXReader)

Identity (Osomatsu-SanXReader)

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凍結/tōketsu By freezerburnts Completed

A linear Osomatsu-San Brothers x Reader.

Warnings : 
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Start : April 2016
End : February 2018

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Because you're stopping the story, can you at less tell us what all of this was about?
How to start a conversation after sucks awkwardness:
                              Hi, um so the wall smells nice, right?
j-bold j-bold Feb 01
TOTTY MY CHILD 💞 I hope his brothers don't track him down and take him away like how they always do when he meet other girls
j-bold j-bold Feb 01
This why I usually show up on the bus early cause hell, Im afraid of the anxiety of knowing that people staring at me while I walk down the aisle to the back of the bus
Jeon_Bias Jeon_Bias Jun 21
My the sextuplets (I don't know how to choose, I'm desperate)
That1Memer That1Memer Apr 11
Totty! The dangerous one of them all. Cute but deadly! *in a Jyushimatsu’s voice* TOTTY! TOTTY! TOTTY! (ノ`・∀・)ノ