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You are Surreal

You are Surreal

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Ely By Mr_Cape Updated Sep 24, 2010

Surreal and My Everything

Deep4141 Deep4141 Jan 31, 2011 thought, if u r lying wrapped in the arms of your beloved, why are ya feeling suffocated? [wink]
LadyOfTheNight LadyOfTheNight Nov 18, 2010
good sh*t man
                              really good sh*t xD
                              this is not really my typ of poem so i can't really relate to it but teastes are different so that really has nothing to say
                              it is still good =)
gothischick105 gothischick105 Nov 14, 2010
this is really good i love how all the things you wirte are emotional and its not sh*t at all its great 
evermoreanangel evermoreanangel Nov 13, 2010
wow reading that i painted a picture in my mind that went exactly with this poem
                              or as you you call it sh*t but i dont think so
                              well this sh*t is getting you a new fan!
ZimBob ZimBob Nov 11, 2010
Ha you're sh*t is perfectly awesome!
                              You get my good sh*t vote!
MeowwKoneko MeowwKoneko Nov 09, 2010
@whyteoleander  there are no rules stating that all poetry must rhyme, you are looking for a nursery rhyme book if thats all you are looking for dear.