14 And Betrothed{Completed}

14 And Betrothed{Completed}

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1950_Sherry By JaySherry Completed

Conan and Haibara have been dating for almost 7 years,after the Downfall of The Black Organization. They've been dating secretly ever since, but it seems Ran and everyone else had caught on. What will they do now that Ran,Hakase,and Conan's parents betrothed them?
And will that ruin Haibara's friendship with Ayumi? 

(This is my first fanfic so sorry if it's unorganized )
|Book 1| 14 & Betrothed
|Book 2| Withering Flowers (ongoing)

Part of the "Love & Blood" CoAi series.

Hey, not bad! The make out session escalated quickly oh my hehe...