The bad boy & the virgin

The bad boy & the virgin

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R.K. Adams By The-Scrivener Updated Sep 16, 2018

Sassy Scarlett, exiled from Mars to join her mother's clan the Banks back on Earth. She meets Io, a girl who has raised by robots in space. Is Io a girl who believes she's a robot or a robot who believes she's a girl? The tests can't tell.
Into this comes Dante Tyrell the Earth's resident bad boy. This can't be good. Especially when Scarlett accidentally punches Dante within 5 minutes of meeting him.   With only her sharp wit, sarcastic earrings and skills at Martian parkour. Scarlett and her robot Kentro set out to stop her friend Io's 'reprocessing'. As for Dante, that's a different matter.

Think 'Jeeves and Wooster' meets 'The Martian' 
Previously was known as Gravity (it was a metaphor, no one got it).

War for the red planet(book 2 included) 
Robots from Earth invade a Martian girl's planet. Firmly of the opinion that no one messes with her planet but her Scarlett and her Parkour crew set out to do something about it. Sequel to the hilarious gravity. Scarlett is about to run a revolt from the rooftops of FirstFootPrint city. Unfortunately, her plans collide with the new General from Earth, Dante Tyrell.  The man she was destined to marry.  A man which she believed firmly dead. How did Dante get there?  What is Dante doing there working for the enemy? What is he doing alive? 
Gravity ( Included  + Maps) includes Sequal  The War for the red planet ( more action based)

Highest #9 in Science Fiction
A Kick ass book  from the authors of the popular #1 SciFi hit 'I'm a cyborg's pet'. Think of it was Cyborg's pet's Darker, more funny, more evil twin.
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PG 13 - contains humour, swearing,  loud music,  flashing lights & nuts. Gluten free.