YANDERE Demon x Reader

YANDERE Demon x Reader

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Ran By niatisya Updated Jun 07, 2017


How do you run away from someone who's always watching you? Even when you sleep?

I can't update on weekdays. Only weekends. I hope you understand my current condition.


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Alright come to my bedroom I'll take care of you~
                              jk jk please don't kill me
-BiPoLaR_sUnShInE- -BiPoLaR_sUnShInE- Oct 24, 2017
.... umm I'm in ma sweet 16 AND I I'm being stalked by a demon.... not odd at all 😂
ThydaSorn ThydaSorn Apr 24, 2017
Boi how old are you? Get your butt back from where you came from.
sanityinsanity7 sanityinsanity7 Dec 19, 2016
Woah when did you get here?
                              Boy: Just now
                              Me: How?
                              Boy: The front door
                              Me: Oh..
HYUCCK HYUCCK Feb 14, 2017
mE asF in the middle of the night when I'm reading fanfics.!.+\'k
Nanami771 Nanami771 Dec 19, 2016
When that happen I freak out and drop my phone and got caught 😓