Thugs Have Feelings Too (FFAT Sequel)

Thugs Have Feelings Too (FFAT Sequel)

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4 Years Later .....

"Aye Ma when daddy coming home" Quan asks me as we are watching t.v.

"I dont know baby. Hopefully real soon" I say looking at the time. Its 2 in the morning and Q hasnt made it home yet. Q has gotten real big in the drug game. He's bigger then my daddy now. Making hundres thousands a day prehaps. Shit has gotten real these past four years. Everyday its something new. College is breaking me apart. I hate medical school. Shit gets agravating as fuck. Then having to come home and deal with Quan ass is alot.

"Bitch Im cooler than a cooler. Big shout outs to my jeweler. Hit a lick been rich ever since" Quan says rapping Chief Keef.

"Quan watch your mouth" I say pinching his cheeks.

"This song be jamming maa! Get up there' he says laughing. I love my big head man. I hear the front door begin to open and look who it is.

"Ayeeee pops!" Quan says running over to his daddy and giving him a dap. What 4 year old know that gives there daddy a dap?!?

''Wassup lil man. You ...

    niyabugg niyabugg May 24
    I wonder why you ain't talk to her when she tried to tell ya
    chchystackz chchystackz Jan 23, 2016
    Rite like who is Q and my name    Samiyah and become his friend and then kill him and tell q the plan
    chchystackz chchystackz Jan 23, 2016
    I would've took the money or gave it back and kept calm cuz now they know
    riddle1me3this riddle1me3this Mar 29, 2015
    1: if u want yo son to go to college n shid get out the game for him 
                                  2: u like it put a ring on it
                                  3: she independent my nigga
    kingen_laylos kingen_laylos Mar 03, 2015
    after he said tank I would have been like thanks for coming and left that bih and quite nigga they know where you at
    jahmai_renee jahmai_renee Jan 26, 2015
    why are you a hater answer that then I'll answer yours . @believerforevs