Not a Mortal ( Diabolik Lovers )

Not a Mortal ( Diabolik Lovers )

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SugarHoneyIcedTea By Love_Anime321 Updated Jul 30

" There's More To Life Than You Know "

Yashida Alice has always been the maid of the Sakamaki household for a long time.

She watched them grow to the sadistic and bloodthirsty vampires they are today.

But everything changed when a new teacher comes to their night school.

That one incident that changed their lives. They thought their past was tragic but what about her?

Bounded by chains , burdens and lies. 

" I am not who you think I am "

With the sweetest blood ever known to the creatures of the night. With her odd personalities and mysterious ways. They thought she was a normal mortal.

They were mistaken

" I'm not a Mortal "

Started : March 25 , 2016 10:25 PM ( Philippine Time )

FukkingShit FukkingShit Nov 15
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*Ayato and Subaru holding me back* LET ME GOOOO!!!! I WANT TO KEEL THEM!!!!
You missed some punctuation marks and spots that needed a comma, but other than that, I like the direction your fanfic is heading!
Sh1zuka Sh1zuka May 06
Pls update the story is really getting interesting so....pls update!
Me: *vain mark spears on my head* what did she just say??? 
                              Kanato: Those girls might want to run...
                              Me: *screams* GET YOUR LITTLE SILICON A$$'S BACK HERE!!
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I love this story as well as the one for Kuroke No Baske, cant wait for the next updates