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Katelyn Marii By KatelynMarii Updated Jul 08, 2018

There are things worse than death...

     Valencia Faelen never wanted to be anything more than a normal person. She was just one amongst a thousand Altered- humans that are given the blood of fantastical creatures to enhance their natural abilities. The Council made her into one of the abominations that fit in nowhere except amongst those that created them. Neither human nor supernatural, Valencia often went unnoticed by those around her. There was nothing special about her talents or her heritage, until she learned to defy her masters. 

     The Council morphed her into a trained killer by the age of sixteen.  She killed the enemies of the Council to ensure her survival. It was the only way to guarantee that she didn't turn into a Rabid- the humans that were given too much supernatural blood- and go insane.  By age eighteen, she was a killer on the wrong side of a bounty that would change her life. That was what happened to tools that outlived their use, but Valencia would fight even harder to gain freedom for her people. Even if that meant betraying the men that loved her.

~cover by debnam-careys~