Yandere Simulator X Reader [Lemon And Non-Lemon]

Yandere Simulator X Reader [Lemon And Non-Lemon]

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rin-nyan By x-crystaIIene-x Updated Jul 20, 2016

(f/n) = first name
(l/n) = last name

Just in case there were any of you who don't get it :3

This one-shot is not in the view of Yandere-chan (Ayano Aishi). 

Also, this story has mature content, as there is lemon. If you are not comfortable with this kind of story, then you are welcome to leave.


Guys, this is my first one-shot thing, so it might run like a real story. So, I'm sorry if it becomes too long.

It's also my first lemon. So, yeah. Be warned.

VasiliKamarov VasiliKamarov Nov 13, 2016
                              IMPROPER HONORIFICS
                              WARNING ISSUED- LAST WARNING
*door opens* *whole school sees Reader and Budo naked* DING DONG DONG DAAAAAAAAAANNNGG GUYS!!!!!
xXHalo_SexualXx xXHalo_SexualXx Dec 01, 2016
Sorry but I'm a little chub chubs so I ain't no beauty I'm probably all beast tho lol
XxxxHappySmilexxxX XxxxHappySmilexxxX Dec 30, 2016
Saki Miyu has teal hair like Hatsune Miku.
                              Saki's design was based off her.
                              (Sorry for being a complete nerd :P)
VeahBates VeahBates Oct 29, 2016
When you became stiff and frozen
                              MOVE COME ON MOVE!!!! NO??? OKAY
xXHalo_SexualXx xXHalo_SexualXx Nov 30, 2016
that would be so weird for me like just imagine an american last name with san at the end "Oh hi Rodriguez-San!" Oh how are you Lopez -Kun?"