The Ugly Twin #Wattys2017

The Ugly Twin #Wattys2017

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ducktaestic By ohfxckingsekai Updated Feb 28

Me and Taemin
We used to be close, just like how twins should be
But it doesn't last long
He steals everything
And love...
"You should totally see the new kid, they are hot!" -Lay
He takes everything away
"Luhan? I found angel." -Sehun
What about me?
Didn't i deserve to be happy too?
"I confess to him." -Sehun
A confession to a wrong twin
Where does fate want to take them to?
This about love
And sacrifice
"I want to donate my heart to Jongin hyung."-Myungsoo
At the end
Will happiness find him?


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supremewoo supremewoo Aug 12, 2017
i share a room w/ my brother and that sonofabitch better not wake me up
rmonsthetic_dae rmonsthetic_dae May 10, 2017
Not trying to be rude to TaeMin and no offense to others but I think..Kai is the perfect twin.. I mean.. He is not ugly! He is being who he is!
SpringDayOverdose SpringDayOverdose Nov 09, 2016
I can relate😩My sometimes stupid ašs dad compares me to smarter peeps and I'm like do u know what they really like
taeiskookiedaddy taeiskookiedaddy Nov 12, 2016
Am i the only one that are excited with just only reading a sentence of this story?😂
SarahElessa SarahElessa Dec 06, 2016
I read this before in aff😱 no wonder it seem familiar😂
taeiskookiedaddy taeiskookiedaddy Nov 12, 2016
Poor Kai 😭😭 Author-nim!! Pls don't do this to Kai😭😭